2 Months Blog, 1 Month NSU Leaks, What’s The Result?

On 29 May 2014, the first blog post appeared, and on 29 June 2014, the first snippet from the investigation files was leaked. This is the 259th blog post.

The blog had – without the derivatives on other sites – in these 2 months approx. 180,000 hits, it started with some hundreds per day, quickly climbed to approx. 2000 per day and increased to up to 13,500 per day. Over the last weeks 5-6 thousand hits per day were the usual thing.

This is good news, but not enough to break the spiral of silence of the media AND the the „uncoverers“.

Recently, there is also a Facebook page :


there is a forum, which had more than 500 posts within a few days :


and there is very good video channel on youtube “ImGedenken” (in remembrance) :


and the blog gets tirelessly promoted on Twitter :


Despite all of these committed people, the blog content – despite its most sensational character – does not find its way into the mass media.

Why is that?

There are several reasons :

1) The opinion cartel of the media in the FRG is not a fiction, not even „conspiracy theory“, the cartel of information and opinions is the reality. At least THIS is what this blog has impressively demonstrated.

2) The NSU neo-Nazi terror is the raison d’état of the FRGImagine only for once how dazed and stupid Mrs. Merkel, the German government, the opposition, the entire parliament and 16 regional parliaments, the federal prosecutor, the Federal Criminal Police Office and – last but not least – the mainstream media, would look if the NSU collapsed …

… The result would be an earthquake like 1991 ff in Italy, where the entire political spectrum jumbled up, and swept away the governing 1945-1993 Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democrats) … and they know it … those of the CDU / CSU, and those of theSPD …

250px Angela Merkel%2C Juli 2010

The Christian Democrats (DC; Italian for Christian Democracy) was the most important political party in Italy 1945-1993 and put almost all prime ministers during this period into postion.

Corruption and Gladio, thus state terror were the coffin nails for the ruling Party of Italy since the war. In Germany this was not even investigated …

Keyword: Oktoberfest terror attack in 1980, 13 dead, 220 injured …

Keyword: RAF third generation, 10 murders unsolved, even a German bank CEO among the victims … the Trust Chief Rohwedder.

Keyword: Buback, agents of the state in the RAF …

Keyword: Sauerland bombers, completely staged …

200px RAF Logo.svg

And because this is so, the truth will continue to be boycotted and hushed, and you should nurture no illusions.

So what to do? Quit? No, on the contrary:

Primal German virtues are needed:

Stamina, response of defiance, now more than ever!!!

A counter-public has to be created, that enforces clearance, by filling the entire internet with these topics that they can no longer be ignored.

We are talking here about Facebook, social networks, of brave little platforms such as heise.de and so on, where this counter-public needs to arise. A Compact magazine is not enough, and a blog with a few brave helpers and supporters is likewise not enough!

What is needed is a clear message that every FRG-brainwashed is able to understand:

1) The restoration of law and finally an independent judiciary in Germany

2) The restoration of the diversity of opinion. Away with language regulations and opinion compliance!

3) The penetration of the Spiegel- (mirror) and Springer-guided opinion cartel

That is what it is all about. And nothing short of that!

And the NSU Phantom is the lever to do so

There has never been a better reason than this, precisely because NOBODY will be able to make excuses: not the federal government, not the opposition, not the executive branch, not even the judiciary. And certainly not the left-green filthy media.

Who does not understand this has understood nothing … so kindly go and spread the truth, please …

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