The MCA has happened: The PINK PANTHER "confessor" video is KAPUT … since long

The ptb and their msm claim that this is the „confessor video“ of the so-called NSU (National Socialist Underground):


1) NOBODY is confessing ANYTHING. Pink Panther tries to understand the crimes, his teacher in the video is the RAF.

Image 282608 GalleryV9 Ukuq
200px RAF Logo.svg

Read more:…-graphic.html#120087


2 Kommentare

  1. „Very hard for me to get this together!

    You would need to be in Germany to understand this entire case…..

    Much to complex to be understood by any outsider.

    I only remember some of the „Baader-Meinhof“ stuff which is dog ages ago. That was the big thing then & I never understood the entire story. Strange stuff all over it at the time!
    All Government stuff has always this strangeness involved.
    Because the Governments & the entire law system is criminal itself & always was this way.“

    Gefällt mir

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